About Us


Using sport as a catalyst to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide.


A global community that respects girls and women and provides equity and opportunities to reach their full potential.

KPI’s Beliefs Rooted in the Olympic Movement:

Kids Play Int’l is a non-profit organization providing year round sport-for-development programs that promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide.

Founded by 3x Olympian and National Champion in Freestyle Skiing Tracy Evans, and supported by a dynamic team of current and retired Olympians and professional athletes, KPI’s mission is rooted in the belief that sport can be a powerful catalyst for social change, guided by the core values of the Olympic movement:

  • Excellence: Giving one’s best, on the field, in life and when no one is looking.
  • Friendship: Forging friendships with people from all over the world despite political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences
  • Fair Play: Promoting gender equality, ethical behavior and respect for yourself and others on the field and in life.

Integrating these values into a structured curriculum, KPI’s programs bring boys and girls together in a safe environment to teach the fundamentals of teamwork, open communication and positive relationships to help boys and girls treat each other with a deeper level of kindness and respect.

KPI takes a one-village-at-a-time approach, embedding itself in communities and creating sustainable programs that become a permanent part of village life.  KPI currently operates in the rural Rwandan village of Gatagara, building a model for success that can be replicated in other communities around the world.


One of the founding principles of the Olympic movement is non-discrimination, a principle that is universal: everyone should have equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

This is not the case in many countries where girls are significantly under-represented in schools, negatively impacting their future economic and employment opportunities.

Genocide adds another layer, making gender equity more challenging, as the trauma of conflict where women were the victims of torture, rape and other acts of gender-based violence still lingers.

Sport can break down the walls of segregation and help develop relationships between boys and girls based on trust and mutual respect.